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Life has so much more to offer you! It's time to get aligned and manifest your rich, happy and fulfilling life! 

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Marina's Crystalline Transformation

"It has been amazing to see how my relationship with money has shifted during the program. I’m in a flow of abundance!! I am an energetic millionaire or even a billionaire with all this happening. It feels like I’m flying first class with a glass of champagne!.  

 The biggest gift I have manifested is the love of my life! I am so grateful that everything is happening right here and now! I can give and receive unconditional love and have the love of the Universe mirrored back from my beloved 100x. Without this course, I couldn’t have imagined being able to receive all this love. I used to be clumsy expressing my emotions, but now I am in tears of joy and gratitude to be sharing so much love"

Marina Belinda 

Tehya's Crystalline Transformation

“I have always been passionate about life but something kept me stuck and my dreams just wouldn’t manifest no matter what books I read and techniques I tried! I was still feeling small.  

Since this course though, my dreams have started to come true! I now have the tools and courage to make my dreams come true and started my own business helping women to tap into their sensual creative powers. My transformation in Crystalline Goddess Academy has been worth every dollar, hundred-fold."

Terhi Saarinen

Riina's Crystalline Transformation

“At first, I was nervous at the thought of investing in Crystalline Goddess Academy with my humble income.  

My energywork has really taken off and I now make 600% more per client for my healing services!

The vibration in this program is unique—my whole relationship with money has changed and money now flows and I am on my way to becoming a Crystalline Millionista!  

Riina Maria  

Hello, Crystalline One! I'm Anu.

When I remembered my past life in Golden Atlantis, absolutely everything changed!  

I started using this period of high vibrational living as a blue print to raising my vibration and manifesting a joyful, rich and fulfilling life. As I felt the crystalline high vibrational energy filling me up and I saw another way of living my life. It was time for me to let go of the constant struggle and anxiety I had lived in for too long. I started raising my frequency and activating my manifesting superpowers. I moved from Finland to California (my dream location) with my two boys , I went from being a broke single mom to running a multiple 6- figure spiritual business and creating a sacred love union with the man of my dreams! Now I enjoy freedom to travel around the world and do what I love…  

It is now YOUR TIME to awaken into a Crystalline Goddess and create the life you’ve always dreamed of… I’ve made it my mission in life to help women surrender the unconscious resistance that blocks them from attracting what they truly desire + deserve.  

Before you work with me, you should know…  

When you decide to work with me, your life will start shifting immediately. Consider yourself warned. Massive shifts. Beautiful shifts.  

Be ready. I’m loving and compassionate; I will shine the light of truth in a gentle, safe, and transformative way. And I’ll hold you accountable—I expect you to follow through on your action steps and be 100% committed.  

My work is potent and life changing, and moves at the speed of light. And it’s FUN! Your experience will be filled with laughter and divine manifestation as you claim your Goddess power.  

If you want to tap into the creatrix within and to unleash golden abundance, and sacred crystalline living… voila! This is the front door.